Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) E-Books

Access the following E-Books from SIAM. You may click on any of the titles listed below to access the online version of that E-Book. Kindly note, systematic downloading of E-Books will amount to infringement of license agreement and, it may result in temporary access block

E-Book Title Author(s) Editor(s) Year of Publication
Lee, Herbert K. H. 2004
Lindley, D. V. 1972
H. T. Banks ; Carlos Castillo-Chávez 2003
Krstic, Miroslav ; Smyshlyaev, Andrey 2008
Vasil'eva, Adelaida B. ; Butuzov, Valentin F. ; Kalachev, Leonid V. 1995
Lagnese, John E. 1989
Stakgold, Ivar 2000
Sattinger, D. H. 1983
Wegener, Ingo 2000
Schoenberg, I. J. 1973

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