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Name & Designation

Responsibilities Email ID Contact No.
 Dr. Anand Byrappa New Initiatives, Budget, Content Licensing, Subscriptions Negotiation, Strategic Partnerships and Operations Management.  anandtb  2408
 Mrs. K. Nirmala Devi
 Deputy Librarian
Institutional Repository Service for Electronic Theses & Dissertations; Trainees' Engagement, JRDTML Physical Infrastructure Maintanance.  nirmala  3014
 Dr. Suresh Balutagi
 Deputy Librarian
Collection Strategy and Development; Scholarly Communication; Specialized Services; User Liaison; Faculty Profiling and Research Information System Management  bbsuresh  2610
 Mrs. Pushpa Srinivasan
 Technical Officer III
Reference Service  pushpas 2256
 Mr. Pittay Nagarjuna
 Senior Scientific Officer
Software development, IT infrastructure, Institutional repository service for IISc research publications  nagarjuna 2409
 Mr. Ashish Kumar Ahirwal
 Assistant Librarian
Acquisition  ashish 3013
 Mr. Pradeep Kavi
 Assistant Librarian
Institutional Membership, Library Automation, Web site maintenance  pradeepkavi 3076
 Mr. V.N. Nagendra 
 Scientific Assistant
eResource subscription and management, NBHM subscriptions, Co-ordination with acquisition and binding sections  nagendrav 2868
 Dr. Francis Jayakanth  
 Scientific Assistant
eresources life cycle management, Website design, maintenance, and administration, eresource usage metrics, publisher relations, Library Management System administration, Turnitin administration, Document delivery support for IISc users, user education and orientation, IT infrastructure planning  francis 2511
 Mr. R.M. Umesh
 Library Assistant - Grade I
Circulation  umeshrm 2832
 Mrs. N. Krishnaveni
 Office Supervisor
Office communications, Purchase orders, leave management, record keeping



 Mrs. B.N. Sandhya 
Library Office  sandhyab 2407/2408
 Mr. B. Gangadhar 
 Multi-tasking staff
Binding  gangadhara 3012
 Mrs. P. Vatsala
 Multi-tasking staff
Library Office  vatsala 2407

Library & Information Management Trainees (2015-17)

  1. Mr. Arun Kumar K.S.                               

  2. Mr. Ashoka D.S.                                     

  3. Ms. Ranjitha M.S.                                                                                

  4. Mr. Sandesha Kumar K.S

  5. Mr. Chandrashekhar Walikar               

  6.  Ms. Saraswathi K.          

  7. Ms. Sumangala G.